Top 5 Secrets to Designing a Perfect Tshirt Logo Design

It’s always a proud feeling to put on a t-shirt with your own design on it. These days, anyone can create layouts for clothing regardless his knowledge on designing. But, I have decided to share five best secrets for perfect t-shirt designing for you and with a bonus trick too. After reading this guide, you will have the ability to create layouts which everyone will appreciate both. So let’s see the secrets.

It’s imperative to choose a font that matches the statement or message on the design. If you’re conveying a strong message, you cannot use a comic font for this. In the event you choose the most effective appropriate font for your text, your design will have a professional touch. It’ll look more like designed by a professional fashion t shirt maker.

Font – problems: Most of the designer application or tools the fonts chosen might not be ideal when published on clothes. The fonts of a computer program might not appear the same as it is published on t-shirts. There might be a number of spaces between the letters or at the letters as well. Consequently, you need to choose a designer instrument that doesn’t make these issues.

Word Spacing: It is important to make sure that there are not much gaps and spaces between the words. It similar to the issues mentioned previously. If there are many spaces between words, the print won’t seem neat and clean. Therefore, be certain that the word spacing is required care.

Line Spacing: Line spacing is important as word spacing. Normally if text was created for t-shirts, it will have an excessive amount of space between the lines. This will seem strange on a printed t-shirt. Thus, ensure that the line space is adjusted accurately on the design.

However, when the text is created for the t-shirt, it should be clear and readable. Therefore, it’s very important to work on the line breaking to be sure the text is readable.

Bonus Tip: Once you create a design assess the design for spaces. The most effective methods for this would be to publish it on a paper and show it to a light source to locate any white spaces. Look at the plan on a mirrored mirror for spaces. These are easy tips to check for white spaces. If you discover any white spaces, rework on the plan.