So What Can Cause Eyelash Loss?


Eyelashes are regarded as a hair on the human body – like hair on your arms or legs, although most individuals do not think of them like that. These hairs on your eyes may be sensitive to environmental elements, poor health and can be damaged. In the exact same manner that we shed scalp hair, eyelash hair can also shed because it’s its own natural growth cycle or they’ve lost their power or become ruined.

The majority of causes of eyelash loss are due to the fact they have some sort of damage done to them. Many people see when babies have beautiful eyelashes, and occasionally it seems that men are the gender to have lovely lashes. This is because very simply women use cosmetic appliances and processes much too often. This damages the actual eyelash hair and can lead to eyelash reduction and loss. Using mascara regularly may also be a cause for a loss of eyelashes. Mascaras can add weight to the fine hairs when implemented; mascaras are often removed via rubbing since various kinds of mascara cannot easily be washed off. This may damage the hair at the root causing irreversible eyelash loss.

The ones who are sensitive to allergies tend to find themselves rubbing the eyelash. Itchy red eyes from allergies, smoke, dust, a sensitivity to compounds, and even fatigue also cause the natural reaction of rubbing, but this leads to damaging the eyelash hairs.

While bad habits allergies and makeup use can contribute greatly to eyelash loss there are also some health conditions to be contemplated that can lead to a weakening in strength of the eyelash and eventual permanent loss. These conditions include:

Blephartis: defined as an inflammation of the hair follicles and follicles along the edges of the eyelid. Eyelids can become sore and tender and there may be dry or itchy scaling which leads to the watering and burning of the eyes, causing a loss of the eyelash.

Distichiasis: while you may think of more eyelashes as a fantastic thing, this condition includes 2 rows growing of eyelashes. It doesn’t need to be a complete row and generally is made up of just one or both of them growing inward, resulting in irritation.

Madarosis: this condition is when one loses of eyelashes or eyebrows. It may be the result of a condition from birth or it can be to be a side effect of an already happening illness.

Trichiasis: this is the technical name for ingrown eyelashes. The eyelash scrapes the cornea of the eye causing aggravation. Someone that has an ingrown hairs will pluck it out, but there’s great irritation that comes with this and can cause baldness.

Although there are medical conditions that could result in eyelash loss, most of the time the laser loss is due to the continuous rubbing and tries to undo the distress manually. That is the reason why it’s essential to be gentle with your own eyes, and in the event you feel that it is becoming too irritated, a physician should be sought.