Sea Salt and Its Many Uses in Attracting Wealth

Hello there once more! I trust you enjoyed yesterday’s article that mentioned a few ideas to help bring in prosperity and more love into your life. I actually went out yesterday and purchased sea salt to help clean my crystals and put in good luck to my home. I’ll share more about the ideas of sea salt and its purifying abilities among with sharing much more thoughts in bringing wealth into your life.

So what’s the big deal about organic sea salt, and won’t any kind of salt assistance? Nope. Sorry to inform you, but it has to be sea salt. It’s to do with all the negative ions in the moving sea that will help excite negative (Qi) chi to move on and help attract the fantastic sort of chi these exercises are decided to offer you. Table salt simply doesn’t have these purifying properties. Haven’t you noticed the way the Japanese enjoy their bathing rituals? There is something about the negative ions from moving water removing bad chi from one’s life and sense of well being.

So where do we start now? Let’s first begin with getting you a few sea salt, I have found a few areas to get sea salt in rock bottom prices online – see link below, but let me tell you that Sea salt is an all important tool in applying Feng Shui exercises and tasks to your own rituals in aid cleaning and healing while cleaning chi around you and your property. It is also possible to locate sea salt at the local grocery store, and do yourself a favor, do not attempt to get around using table salt or perhaps kosher salt, both of which I really like using in my cooking — however that really is for Feng Shui utilize. Needless to say, by all means, if you are purchasing the sea salt, use it freely in your cooking. I prefer to use the course sea salt as with the kinds of salts I may use.

Here are a few hints on how Feng Shui practitioners recommend their customers to utilize in helping bring their customers luck and wealth.

Place a teaspoon of sea salt and then wrap it in plastic and place in your wallet in a secret compartment. Replace every ten times to make sure its potency. This is said to bring the owner of the pocket wealth…
Place sea salt on the center and back side of your entrance door, this is said to also bring luck and wealth to those who input – and yes the shifting it every ten times rule also applies here also in ensuring its potency of bringing prosperity luck and decent chi.

Also if you really are in a dip, putting sea salt in all the corners of your home – just use small plastic containers – say the ones you can get when you ask for salad dressing on the side in a restaurant. Place the sea salt in themcover them if you can, then set them in each corner where two walls meet. You may require an excess box of sea salt for this – however because sea salt is relatively cheap and you are in need of attracting wealth, this helps absorb some negative energy you home might be harboring.

The best time to do some or all of these tasks is to the onset of the new moon. Since energy develops as the new moons grows into a full moon, where as electricity dies down after the complete moon.

There are a number of different uses for sea salt apart from producing your dishes taste great while helping bring wealth luck for you and in your property. Bear in mind that yesterday I discussed the importance of cleaning up and removing all clutter from your house just prior to the Chinese New Year. This is also the ideal time to choose any crystals, quartz and stones you may utilize to bring good energy into your property.

Wash crystals with soapthen, put in a bowl of salted water made from sea salt. If you can, even better would be to let them soak overnight beneath the lighting of the entire moon. The next day, it’s also wise to allow at least four hours in the sun to complete the cleansing process.

The use of sun catchers also work good as do crystals which reflect all the colors of the rainbow. By hanging these on your windows at which the sun shines in, the multipurpose colours keep and bring decent chi to your property. This is particularly important in your home office and bedroom along with your kitchen areas of your home.

As of this month’s new moon, I did a number of the rituals I have already mentioned here. I put a dark blue mug and filled it to the brim with ocean salt and put it in my kitchen in a dry area which is said to bring happiness to couples. I also grabbed a small sea salt and put it in plastic and placed it in my wallet. I also marked on my calendar when the ten days will be up so that I can remember to change the sea salt. I also did a couple of other rituals which I have been doing for months and that is going around on Fridays with burning incense to each of those rooms in my area and blessing each room and those who enters health, joy and stability along with prosperity.