How To Start Your Own Pet Washing Service Business, Great for Fundraisers

If you enjoy animals of all kinds, you will probably do quite good in a mobile pet cleaning business of your own! Many people reside in apartments or condominiums and it is difficult for them to wash their pets. Others just don’t have enough time, or so their dog is too large, or they’re just too old to wash their pets . You would only need to have your own shampoos, towels, brushes, buckets and you are on your way to owning your own mobile pet washing company.

You ought to have signs, and advertise on your automobile. Soon, you ought to have a steady supply of pets to wash. If you live more in the country, you might also incorporate horse Roof Cleaning since horses will need to be cleaned too. You could charge more for horses, as they are a lot more to wash. If you have some quality cleaning products, and have a good way with animals, you might enjoy this type of company for yourself.

The very best type of marketing is to buy a 2-stall horse trailer and put your sign on the sides and back. Parking your trailer in just 1 rodeo or horse-riding occasion, should get your business noticed fast and your telephone ringing! You might also attend some local dog shows and pass out fliers their too. Feed stores usually have free animals for sale magazines, you can pick some up for free and see whether you business will fit into there books, as well as local papers. If kids are doing auto washed on a regular basis, or purchasing baked products, you could try something new such as this, and children will love it!