Green tea

Different flavored of green tea

As having a cup of coffee or tea during exhausted helps people to cherish and to feel fresh, having a cup of green tea has many health benefits. We can notice that there are many people start drinking the green tea than drinking usual tea, this means they know about the health benefits on drinking the green tea. While we think on the health benefits of having green tea, the most important role is that this helps in weight loss, which alone has made the green tea as one of the most popular form of beverages of millennium.

Green tea

When the beverages are relatively the new and on picking up, green tea used by many people by china and Japan people from earlier day. Actually, green tea does not undergo any oxidation process that widely makes the relative healthier alternative to oxidized variants that are greatly available in market. This manages to retain some maximum oxidants as well as the poly phenols that are mainly responsible for boosting the immunity level and in protecting against flu and cough. Regular green tea consumption also known to facilitate clear skin and in having healthier hair. There are some major types of green tea; there you may want to try apart from having some regular tea.

Mint Green Tea: The mint green tea has essential form of refreshing flavors as well as aroma to brighten the day. The antioxidant rich concoctions have some incredible restoring power that greatly helps in boosting in dipping energy levels, improve digestion, and uplift mood.

Tulsi Green Tea: Holy basil or Tulsi plays most important part in rich tradition of herbal remedies and in ayurvedic medicine.

Chamomile Green tea: Having green tea flavored with delicate chamomile flowers all infused in hot water can make tea as one of the most favorite pick among some other green tea lovers.

Jasmine Green tea: This type of green tea all flavored with the essence of jasmine flowers. Moreover, this loved by most of the people. You can choose any flavor as your needs and you can experience the benefits of having it.

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