Dallas Cowboys Remain Robust Without Owens

Despite not winning a playoff game because Troy Aikman was quarterback, the dallas meeting venue still figure out how to throw the spotlight in some manner or another. The Dallas Cowboys moved in their coliseum for the beginning of the 09′ season. With a larger “space ship like” stadium and a party atmosphere comes high expectations for the actual team. Jerry Jones isn’t shy about spending money – hopefully the Cowboys on field achievements can equal that of the new stadium.

The Cowboys have a good quarter back in Tony Romo – who is prone to having a three interception game from time to time. Romo can make plays and has shown signs of a top quarter in the league. The running game of the Cowboys is fantastic, they are averaging around 200 yards per game. If they can keep averaging 200 yards per game remains to be seen – a valuable running game is a quarterbacks best friend.

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The Cowboys defense will need to improve because even with QB Tony Romo, RB Marion Barber, RB Felix Jones, TE Jason Witten, WR Patrick Crayton, and WR Roy E. Williams – they may not be able to out score opponents every single Sunday.

The Cowboys play in the very difficult NFC East with the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles – playing these teams twice a year will show how worthy the Cowboys are to contend in the NFC.

The question the Cowboys need to answer is who are the locker room leaders. Romo will need to take the next step, manage the game and make plays when necessary and not be “Tony Turnover”. The Cowboys have an extremely good, competent team which could win most games if they perform to their potential. Cowboys have to finish their playoff drought – moving within 10 years without winning a playoff match for the Dallas Cowboys in improper.