Christian Ethics

During the news today, we find many church assemblies in the news with a story that says, “Mega-church splits” or “Super Pastor found guilty of an illegal act. ” Most of these headlines are becoming all too familiar, giving Christians everywhere quite a bad name. The time has come for all those who have proclaimed Christ as their Lord and Savior to stand for God’s Word alone. The Bible tells us throughout Proverbs to get wisdom and understanding. We have to guard ourselves by any means; these are the last days, and we know that in the last days gentlemen will try to deceive the church just as it suggests in 2 Timothy 3: 1-7.

As a Christian united states, many so-called church leaders have found it very easy to govern the children of God, and as a Christian society, a number of us have let them. It seems that everyone wants to be part of a large members or have their church leader become famous with some variety of celebrity status. This type of notoriety may be very impressive to the earth, but God is not impressed. The problem is that while looking for these false claims, we tend to forget that these individuals are just people who have taken using a leadership role. Although they may have been called of God to execute a specific work, they are still fleshly beings that can get some things wrong and fall just like anyone else.

The church should always be related to God and Him alone. There should never be a situation within the Christian’s life where they put more emphasis on the state of a man and his notoriety, as opposed to his credibility plus knowledge of God’s Word. My argument is not to be mistaken for those who are doing the work and have great respect and integrity like indicated in 1 Timothy 5: 17, 18 signifies that Elder’s who are doing the work of God should receive 2x honor for their efforts. My argument is for those who have decided to live life in the fast lane without the regard of those anyone who has00 chosen to call them “leader. ”

There is nothing wrong with a large house of worship or congregation; although you should never want to join a large church or congregation just to say you have status. Many people have upset after they join these large assemblies because they infrequently get to talk with the pastor of those assemblies. Keep this in mind, you happen to be attending church to not only fellowship with other Saints but for also hear and learn the Word of God.

I have found that people usually do whatever they want to do, but when that person is a Christian leader who has fallen away from the true Statement of God. It is possible that they may not truly have a center or a mind to follow God or His Word currently on. As a Christian, we have to follow the Bible for ourselves. We’ve got to know it, study it and understand it. Anyone must also keep their mind on the Word of Mycket bra so that they will understand all things concerning the Kingdom.


Our Mission

IFCJ ratings was founded in 1983 to promote understanding and cooperation between Jews and Christians and to build broad support for Israel and other shared concerns. Our vision is that Jews and Christians will reverse their 2,000-year history of discord and replace it with a relationship marked by dialogue, understanding, respect and cooperation.

One such cathedral watched their walls come tumbling down when the Porquerizo and his wife decided to divorce. This announcement not only injured the membership, but it also exposed the church and the couple’s exorbitant finances to the world. Critic’s said their principles of prosperity was at the expense of humility and relatives values. “Too many ministries have become big business. Of which message is desecrating the church today, ” mentioned one church board member, adding that he was upset to learn that the church was millions of dollars in debt. He explained, “That’s just not right. ” Many share the thinkings of this parishioner.

The couple was noted for talking a so-called prosperity message; this type of message has led lots of astray and has also angered many who decided to starting their faith on just this one principle as opposed to the full Word of God. There are a couple of questions that consistently come up when this type of situation arises in the church online community. People ask why church leaders need so much capital, and why do they have to live such a grandiose lifestyle. The result should be a simple one, and that is to say that every successful entrepreneur should reap the benefits of a successful business, in this case we are talking Empire building or should I say God’s business. This would be the easy answer, but for those on the outside looking in, this remedy simply will not work. In the eyes of John Queen. Public, the leader of a church should be humble and located an average lifestyle. The public will even go as far as letting you break an average lifestyle if they feel you are giving more than you will be receiving.

Why does society believe its wrong for Christian believers to have wealth? Maybe it’s because those with wealth who in order to be Christians are not using their wealth to help the Kingdom. Lots of view Christians with wealth in a negative way. Every time they see a church leader dressed nice or driving a really expensive vehicle, they automatically assume that person has taken advantage of a membership. The unfortunate reality is that this is sometimes the case therefore the unknowing public will disagree with the views of your church.